IDAL has contributed in the conferences “Open Science for Citizens and Country Development” with a conference titled Data Science, the new environment for the forthcoming society”, presented by Rafael Magdalena and held at Aras de los Olmos (Valencia) as a session of Seasonal Universities program from the University of Valencia. This program aims to bring the public university close to the countryside of the Comunitat Valenciana, taking knowledge from researcher and Academy to country citizens. This Seasonal University deal with current news themes of interest for the country towns, and are free for residents thanks to the support of the Diputacion of Valencia.

The Seasonal Universities are a meeting point for lectures, professionals, students, technician and politicians, and also for citizens interested on their own town and country. This is an initiative open to the broad public, expecting to transfer the know-how of the university to the people, to foster the presence and commitment of the UV with the country and bring research, training and knowledge beyond the classroom.