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Emilio Soria coordinates a book on Cibersecurity

Past Tuesday, in the events room of the University of Valencia Science Park, was presented an e-book, edited by the University of Valencia Science Park: Ciberseguretat. El repte del segle XXI (Cibersecurity: the Challenge on XXI Century). The volume has been coordinated by Emilio Soria, IDAL member and professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Valencia, and incorporates the opinions of experts such as Óscar Padial, computer forensic expert and partner/manager of the Valencian Institute of Cyber-security and Telematics; Hervé Falciani, professional of blockchain and president of the Whistleblowe Tactical Association; José Torres, deputy director of the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria (ETSE-UV) and full lecturer of the department of Electronic Engineering; researchers of the R&D group Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory of the University of Valencia as well as managers of the company specialized in Information Technologies Mobiliza Academy, among others.

Joan Vila and Fernando Mateo, members of IDAL, have contributed with a chapter of the book, that can be downloaded in the following link: Download the e-book

Emilio Soria, editor of a book in cibersecurity

Next Tuesday, November 18, the book (in Spanish) titled “Cibersecurity: the challenge of XXI century”, edited by IDAL member Emilio Soria, will be presented at the Marie Curie room in the Parc Cientific of the University of Valencia. Contributors to this book come from the Instituto Valenciano de Ciberseguridad y Telemática, researchers from Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory and Hervé Falciani, president of the association Tactical Whistleblower, which mission is to promote and foster ethics and institutional security by research and technology.

IDAL at the AVISA meeting in Calp(Spain)

This weekend the Valencian Society of Health Informatics (AVISA) has celebrated its annual meeting for sharing the advances, projects, works and the situation of the ITC professionals in the Health Public System in the Comunitat Valenciana.

IDAL member Rafael Magdalena has presented a contribution regarding the new approach of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Health problems, showing the IDAL main publications and papers in this area.

You can download a poster (in Spanish) in the next link: XIJJTT_AVISA

IDAL introduces the first ‘intangible falla’ in history

Due to the recent statement of Fallas festivity as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the UV School of Engineering has developed with the support of the IDAL the ‘intangible falla’. This is the first intangible falla ever. The falla was introduced during an open event, that took place on Monday, 6 February.
The event counted on the interventions of Antonio Ariño, Vice-Principal for Culture and Equality; Pere Fuset, Councillor for Culture and Festivals of Valencia; Maria Oliver, Councillor for Youth, Cultural Activity, Education, Home and Heritage; Raquel Alario, Fallera Mayor of Valencia; Francisco Grimaldo, Assistant Director of the UV School of Engineering, and Emilio Soria, Director of UV Master’s Degree in Data Science.
The intangible falla is an artificial intelligence project that suggests public involvement to build it daily until 19 March. The initiative will become a reality in the form of several monuments and actions, as explained during the presentation ceremony.
The intangible falla will be built earlier, although this usually occurs in early March. The assembly of the first intagible falla begun 6 February during the open presentation ceremony.


For further info on the Fallas:


Experts from Michelin Guide have been today studying the dishes served at the Wedding Reception of IDAL member Juan Gomez “Juanito” (“Little John”). The international commitee is quite close to declare the Avocado with Mozzarella as a dish of kings, although the Italian experts are still renuent to grant the award of “Cuisine des Rois” to Juan Gómez. The final decission, in hands of Italian subsection of Michelin Guide, will be available in IDAL web as soon as it becomes public. Intelligent Data Analysis is being applied to predict the result.


IDAL member Juan Gómez has commited an irreparable error that will probably ruin his life: he has married. Although IDAL members, experts in intelligent data analysis, have been intensively training neural networks, SOMs and even Bayesian Networks that undoubtely proved that marriage is the first cause of divorce, no rational nor sentimental reason has changed his mind, and has got married with Maíder in his hometown, Sagunt. IDAL members have fought until the last moment, bribing everybody hoping to get him kidnapped and saved of the claws of marriage, but the efforts have been useless.

We only can offer the photographs of the painful event, and wish bride and groom happiness, love and plenty of money. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




During August, IDAL members will be enjoying their holidays. August is the common month in Universities at Spain for vacation, so do not worry if your emails are not replied during this month. Nevertheless, we promise to start in September replying all the mails and working even harder.

Life is not only intelligent data analysis. Nice holidays for everybody!


DAL Member J. Gómez has defended today his Doctoral Thesis “Detección automática de podredumbres en cítricos mediante procesado avanzado de imágenes hiperespectrales” (Automatic detection of rotten areas in oranges by advanced hyper spectral image processing) with the maximun mark.

Comgratulations for the new doctor at IDAL!

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