On 16 June, from 9:00 am in the Assembly Hall of the School of Engineering of the University of Valencia (ETSE-UV), the conference on Data, Information and Knowledge will take place as part of the activities organised by the artificial intelligence research group IDAL and the Pagoda Chair, subsidised by the Regional Ministry of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, to raise awareness of the latest trends among Valencian companies.

From a business point of view, experts from various fields will discuss how to make the transition from data to information and from there to knowledge. Without going any further, the amount of data collected in all areas, whether structured in the form of numbers or in the form of text and images, is growing all the time. However, having data does not mean having information, let alone knowledge.

Past conference at IDAL-UV

The talks and round table discussions, given by both researchers and company technicians, will deal with medical, social, technological, public administration, tourism and open data topics, among others. Participants include, among others, the DiputaciĆ³n de Albacete, Valencia City Council, the Ministry of Defence, the University of Valencia, and the companies Zeus, Deepsense, Bosonit, Pangeanic and Ford Valencia. The full programme and access to registration, which is free of charge, can be consulted on the IDAL website (https://idal.uv.es/datos_6/).